Meet our CEO and Managing Director

From the track to the farm, former Jamaican Olympian- Ricardo Chambers is the proud owner and operator of Chamber’s Hydro Farm. His introduction to agriculture occurred at an early age as he was born into a family of farmers in Trelawny, Jamaica. After retiring from the track in 2016, Chambers decided to pursue his dream of farming. Upon identifying the challenges faced by the agricultural industry in Jamaica, he settled on hydroponics as the best solution. He is a proud graduate of the Florida State University.

What do we do?

Chamber’s Hydro Farm aspires to transform the agricultural industry with modern technologies. He not only designs, constructs and advises on the operation of hydroponic systems, he also educates. At Chamber’s Hydro Farm, we are passionate about engaging the youth in agriculture. To this end we have established a mentorship and internship programs in the community of Swaby’s Hope where youth are taught hydroponic farming theory and techniques as well as the economic opportunities.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Quality is important to us, we pride our self in providing our community with premium services and products. Our commitment to continuous development is unwavering and is supporting by our consistent research and development. We continuously pursue the development of innovative techniques to improve farming productivity and profitability. We have the knowledge, farm inputs and systems to support our client’s objectives.

Swaby’s Hope, Spur Tree, Manchester

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