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Hydroponics 101

Hydroponics is a farming technique in which crops are cultivated without the use of soil. In hydroponics, seedlings are placed in a system through which the nutrient solution is recirculated from the tank to the grow bed using a pump. Seedlings are typically planted in net cups that stabilize the plants as the nutrient solution flows though the system. Hydroponic farming is proven to produce higher yields, more quickly and using less water and fertilizer than traditional farming.

Why Choose Hydroponics

  • Higher Yields
  • Shorter Growth Time
  • Uses Less Water & Fertilizer
  • More Controlled Pest Management

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Let us support your farming experience!

At Chambers Hydro Farm, we support all individuals who wish to be successful hydroponic farmers. Our membership farming community, The Grow Together Agriculture System (GTAS) is a farming development program that provides a space for interested individuals to learn and practice important knowledge and techniques. Whether you choose to grow for sale or personal consumption a GTAS membership can be a key to your success.

Benefits of GTAS

Through GTAS, member farmers will engage in training programs that enable them to independently operate and manage their own hydro farms. Chambers Hydro Farm will provide member farmers with technical knowledge of growing techniques as well as infrastructure development and maintenance of hydroponic farming systems. GTAS members will benefit from our research and development focus as we commit to keeping our members up to date with new technologies.


One of the primary objectives of GTAS is to reduce barriers to entry into the agricultural industry. Through Chambers Hydro Farm, the GTAS program provides farming inputs such as premixed fertilizer and seedlings at wholesale prices. This is to help member farmers reduce their production cost and increase profit.


Through partnership with Quality Harvest Limited, GTAS will market and distribute the produce grown by GTAS member farmers. Produce will be primarily sold to hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Our aim is to work together to reduce imports to build a viable local agricultural industry. Say yes to agricultural success by choosing our Grow Together Agricultural System.

“Let’s revolutionize the agriculture sector together”
Ricardo Chambers