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We provide Hydroponic Systems, Fertilizers, Seedlings, Potted Plants and Consultation

Hydroponic Systems

We construct and install hydroponics systems ideal for a range of different production requirements. From backyard operations to ensure a family has access to fresh vegetables to a large set-up sufficient to operate a commercial enterprise. Our hydroponic systems come as a Farm in a Box, with all required attachments and tools. All packages includes: PVC grow pipes, water tank, PH meter, EC meter, water pump, complete irrigation system, Binding wire, net cup or mesh, metal frame, PVC couplings, Premixed Nutrients Concentrate.

Trust us to provide a hydroponic system best suited for your needs.


We sell a wide variety of vegetable and herb seedling to support our farmers. The most important raw material of any farming operation is the seed, as the seed grows into the crop that is eventually sold. Germination of seeds can be a difficult process, as seeds tend to lose their viability and juvenile plants are very fragile.

Trust us to provide hardy seedlings that will grow into healthy crops.

Nutrient Mix

We sell our specially formulated nutrient mix in various sizes to meet the needs of farmers. Based on the crops being cultivated, the composition of the nutrients required may change. Formulation of the nutrient mix requires complicated calculations that often result in errors. Buying our pre-made mix reduces that error.

Trust Chamber’s Nutrient Mix provide your crops with the nutrients needed.

Season up Yuh Pot- Potted Plants

To support our eat what you grow, grow what you eat initiative, we sell a arrangements of edible potted plants. Each potted plant contains a complementary mix of commonly used culinary herbs and vegetables, giving you ready access to fresh produce for your plate.

Imagine having a pot of peppermint or thyme, have fresh herbs conveniently.


As one of the region’s leading hydroponic farm, we are pleased to share our expertise with you! Our consulting services are related, but not limited to the following:

Site visits and onsite evaluation

We provide technical assessment of proposed farm sites to evaluate appropriateness for the construction of a Hydro Farm. Based on the evaluation’s findings, recommendations are provided help guide in the development of the Hydro Farm. After the farm is established, site visits can be conducted to provide guidance on best practices to optimize yields, maintain crop health and reduce pests

Design of Hydroponic Farms

We provide structural layout and technical guidance for the construction of hydroponic farms. We recommend the most appropriate size system and suggest best site location for the system based on the characteristic of your site.

Hydroponic Farming Techniques

We provide advice on the best farming techniques to support the successful operation of your systems. We provide technical support to help troubleshoot issues that arise during operation. We provide guidance on how to maintain nutrient levels and on how to operate specialized equipment like pH meter, EC meter and water pumps.