Are you interested in a entertaining and educational new experience?

Come visit Chambers Hydro Farm and experience a high-tech agriculture in action. Chamber’s is not your typical farm. We look forward to hosting you.

Swaby’s Hope. Spur Tree, Manchester

A visit to Chambers Hydro Farm offers a stimulating experience! We provide our guests with an educational, interactive farm tour. Visitors will experience first-hand how to farm fashionably without many of the challenges of traditional farming.

What you will learn

  • How Hydroponics Works
  • What crops can be grown hydroponically
  • Existing opportunities in the agriculture industry

Tour Details

  • Duration – 45 mins
  • Cost – $2,000 per person
  • 10 or more- $1,500 each
  • Student & Kids Price- $1000 each
  •   Tour Time: 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm
  •   Advance booking is required. Please call us with your special requests or requirements.

Swaby’s Hope, Spur Tree, Manchester

– Open Mondays-Saturdays from 8am to 4pm –

– Sundays from 9am to 4pm –

A hands on Experience

On the tour you will learn about the process and the benefits of hydroponic farming. Your will learn how to plant using the hydroponic technique through interactive demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to plant your own crops in out hydroponic system to get a first hand experience of how simple, easy and mess-free the process is.

An Unique Experience

Chambers Hydro Farm is one of only a few hydroponic farms that are operating in Jamaica. On the tour, visitors will be taken through the daily tasks of the farm’s operations. You will be introduced to the various components of our hydroponic system and the function of each.

An Engaging Experience

An exciting part of the tour are the fun-filled challenges in which visitors are given the opportunity to show their understanding of hydroponic systems by answering questions and participating in activities. Winners of challenges will be awarded delicious produce fresh from our farm.

Students, teachers, young farmers and families, visit our farm today!
We guarantee an exciting and educational experience.